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What is doodacky?

•    doodacky is where you can share videos with family and friends in your  local community and across the UK for free.

•    There is a local doodacky near you, where you can connect with like - minded, video- loving people online.

•    You can start or join a doodacky video channel for anything you are involved in such as your local club, band, school, charity or event.

•    doodacky is dedicated to family values and a safe video-sharing environment.

•    We encourage businesses to use doodacky to support and interact with local community groups and charities through video.

•    doodacky is  a video platform for creative talent of all ages to grow, entertain, inform and be enjoyed by all.

•    doodacky  supports local community news, events and entertainment through video.

So… doodacky your local videos!

Also you can click here to watch Russ explain what he thinks doodacky is all about, with a bit of help from Hannah.


Please tell us what you think

We really hope you enjoy your doodacky experience, and while we are in BETA stage we would very interested in your comments on how we can improve things - please contact us.

Discover more about doodacky Commercial and Private Channels

Did you know that you can have your own Commercial Videos and Channel on
doodacky OR if you would like your own
Private Video Channel free of advertising please go to our Advertising page for more information.

Get doodacky Video Sharing and Community Tools on your Website                                                              

You can utilize the doodacky video sharing technology on your own Website - please contact us to discuss this fabulous cost effective marketing and community tool.

We love local doodacky Sponsors and Advertisers

Whether you are a small local merchant or national brand we can enable you to reach and support our members.
Please click here for more information on our
doodacky sponsor package.

doodacky is committed to creating a 'safe' online environment

So if you participate it is important that you abide by our Terms and Community Rules. We will automatically delete any videos or comments that we consider to be unsuitable for any reason, but if we miss something please use the 'Report' tool and we will take the appropriate action.

Happy doodacking...!!



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